I tried to integrate the module into linkchecker... Added 1000 urls from d.o into httprl_request()... We need to solve #1268096: Implement a rate limiter asap.

Incomplete responds array:

I guess my action killed my local server I fired the stuff, too.

So what's the problem?

  1. Status == "Done"
  2. Code is missing. Really need this value!
  3. Status_message is missing.


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Embedded link is defect

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I've seen one more variant where the "error" and "code" was below "request". This means $foo->request->error and $foo->request->code and missing in root of Class. It must always be $foo->code and $foo->error. $foo->code is required in all cases, error is optional.

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Example dump for #1 bug


Added 2 lines (Line 350ff) in function httprl_send_request(): $result->code and $result->error

// Connection was never made.
else {
$result->status = 'Connection not made.';
$result->code = (int) $request->code;
$result->error = $request->error;

Title:Responds array incomplete / inconsistentResponds object incomplete / inconsistent
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Patch for #4. It does not fix the redirect inconsistency bug(s).

Re-attach patch with changed name as %2F cause problems on d.o. The (int) is there as it seems to be possible that this is sometimes not an int what is not allowed, but I've seen it... no idea why.

With more thinking it may be better to refactor/review the full logic to prevent such consistencies in general. What i've done here was a quick fix that may break in other situations... Not sure.

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Pushed the casting to an INT higher up in the code. Patch below committed to 6.x & 7.x.

Does this also fix the "redirect" inconsistencies compared to core?

I think it might, only one way to find out ;)
#1320222-3: Bring in other drupal patches

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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