My View has a default display ( of course ) and also my working PDF display called 'pdf_1'. The action provided in 'views_pdf.rules.inc' doesn't select the correct display when invoked, and the fields I see output are those configured in the default display ( the 'pdf_1' display overrides the default fields ).

The problem seems to lie here :

    // Try to get pdf display
    if (!$view->set_display('pdf')) {
      // Try the display type
      if (!$view->set_display('pdf_1')) {
        // There is definitly no pdf display

as if I change it to simply :


I get the correct display output.



I lost many hours of my life trying to understand why the saved pdf was different from the one I was getting when accessing the views directly, you saved me!!

I had the same issue.
Thanks for posting, like misthero I've spended hours trying to understand why the pdf was different.

Your solution is not really working if you're having multiple displays.
I had to convert every display into a new view.

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I was having the same problem in latest 7.2.x version. Fixed it by rewriting views_pdf_rules_action_save() so it will always select the right display based on what you selected in the rule. Don't know if it will work in 6.x

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The current branch 7.x-2.x is really unstable and actually the drupal git repo is outdated, I'm working that branch on github so. Maybe you should rewrite this code into the current stable branch 7.x-1.x

I'll take a look on it.