I have used the include view to bring in a pdf table from another view into a pdf unformatted view. Something weird I have noticed is that I am trying to add another field below this table on the new pdf view but for some reason the "position relative to corner" settings (when selecting the included view in the "position relative to" drop down) only ever move the fields around the top line (heading) of the table and I can't seem to make it display at the end of that data.

This is important as the table will easily grow, but the only place that makes sense for this additional field is below the included view data.

It is like the included view isn't taking up the required amount of space in the document.

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Escalating as this is the one part of the project stopping our client from going live as invoicing to their clients look terrible.

True, solved it for me (on 6.0) with using the position relative to "self".

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Hiya, just tested that, unfortunately it doesn't work, infact it makes the next field overwrite the pdf table inline field completely, and unable to move it unfortunately.

My complete settings

Relative to: "self"
Position: bottom left
and an x and y value

Could I just confirm, is it the inline field you are positioning in that way, or the field that follows it?

the field that follows

new6.86 KB
new19.64 KB

Thanks for your replies, but unfortunately with those exact settings, the field just doesn't move anywhere, and completely overwrites the table....

I have attached the view, and the pdf output produced to show the problem, with your settings in place.

Pls make sure the actual pdf is reloading. Put a bogus text field somewhere so you know it did. Just discovered Firefox does not reload if you have another version of the same page open.

I also had some x and y coordinates. Try 10 and 10 for them.

Sorry, see the x and y now.

Only thing I see different now is the width of the included view. Mine is 200. Could try that?


Unfortunately not, I added the global text field in there, and played with that following the included view field, and it still wouldn't budge despite what positioning or width I gave it.... It unfortunately displays right below the table header overwriting the table body.

I'm experiencing the same thing, a field after the included view is not being placed on the page after the view, instead it is relative to where the included view is starting, not where it ends.

Yeah, me to. Great module (thanks!) but this feature is not working.

Does the view you included have a "pdf page" display?

On mine? no it's a pdf table

I recently had the same problem, but discovered that my field in the included view was positioned relative to the page. I changed this to "last writing position" and positioned the included view relative to the last field which solved the problem for me.

EDIT: But isn't working for PDF Table Display .. Probably a bug there!

EDIT 2: For all you desperate people out there: A little (but limited) workaround to this problem: Use the field you want to display under the included view in the included view itself, hide the label and activate rewriting. Just put a space in the rewrite field and put in a width of one for this field if PDF Table display is used (making it basically invisible).
If you now insert the same field below the included view and set this to PDF Field display and positioning "self" it will use the position of the prior field of the same type (which will be at the end of your table). It's limited if your last Table row is for example multiple lines high (wich would overlay the following field), but maybe this is a temporary fix for a few of you. If further description is needed please let me know.

Same problem here.

Similar or perhaps the same issue: http://drupal.org/node/1611884

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I have debugged views_pdf_template.php and it seems that the method drawTable() correctly increases the $y value. Guessing that http://drupalcode.org/project/views_pdf.git/blob/refs/heads/7.x-1.x:/mod... is responsible for outputting an included PDF-view. Anyone know?

#15 workaround solved for me, but it seems included pdf table views have some strange positioning class, like fixed in css.

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