I install views calc and when i use it in views 3 i saw it doesn't work with field collection views.
please help me to fix it.
sorry for my bad english



Me too

I would like to see this great module work with field collections too.

Same here :)
Would be awesome to see that working!

up! sad it doesn't work with FC out of the box.


+1 for this. Any progress here? I would love to help with this task. What do the maintainers say?

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Hey guys. I created a patch what should fix it. Anybody test it please.

This patch works perfect for me, thanks! +1 to commit.

I have installed the patch and it works fine if you don't group things which is great.

I may be being daft, but if the view is grouped by a field, all the sums are for the whole view not the group. Am I doing something stupid?

Yeah, this is the problem, but I'm not sure what it related to this patch, seems your problem already has been described in https://drupal.org/node/1690142

This patch worked for me. Thanks so much!

Patch in comment #7 by @korgik fixed the problem,
And it didn't cause problem with other views for nodes with view_calc i had

any updates here?

This was committed. Thanks!

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