Last updated August 21, 2013.

This is the current suggested documentation list aimed at new comers to Drupal.

If you have time to write documentation for one of the following tasks:

  • First verify that the documentation is not already available. If the documentation already exists please remove it from this list by editing this page with the link on the right.
  • If the documentation does not exist please contribute the section with the following help:
  • How to add a new task
  • Tag help
  • Please remove the item from this list when it is finished.

For more ideas please review 30 minutes for Drupal page.

Suggestion List:

  • Report a bug you have found in Drupal core, or a contributed module or theme.
  • Somewhat related, but probably a separate task: Report bad user interface text and suggest better text. Idea would be rewriting core or contrib UI strings for clarity and brevity. Especially overly wordy descriptions. Background information: and ; follow-up: join (and see links at the top there)
  • Review a patch to identify UI/API changes (programmer)
  • Improve the coding or documentation style in a patch (anyone can do this armed with basic patching skills, a halfway decent editor and/or dreditor, coder module, and 1354)
  • Provide support in IRC (similar to but IRC not forums)
  • Follow the needs screenshots tag and add screenshots where requested (and remove the tag where unneccessary)