The fixed position of the bootstrap's navbar is on top of admin_menu, what workaround could solve this?


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Well the whole admin menu doesn't seem to play nice with jquery 1.7+
Also the fixed top bar is going away so that problem is going to solve itself.

There is solution for this in css file

.navbar-fixed-top {
position: fixed;
top: 0;
right: 0;
left: 0;
z-index: 500; // to show the menu sequence

Admin module seems to work after installation of jQuery Update (with jQuery v 1.7.1 enabled)
and the code below added in themes/twitter_bootstrap/includes/modules/ to prevent submenus being expended.

function twitter_bootstrap_menu_link__management(array $variables) {
    return theme_menu_link($variables);
function twitter_bootstrap_menu_link__navigation(array $variables) {
    return theme_menu_link($variables);

This code might be not sufficient if the admin toolbar includes other menus than 'management' and 'navigation'.

I simply added:

body.admin-menu .navbar-fixed-top {
  top: 32px;
  z-index: 499;

This is for the taller admin menu style. If you're using the shorter style you will need to adjust it a little.

The z-index was changed to prevent the menu from covering the admin overlay.

Thanks siilak and eusonic, both solutions works

Thanks @eusonic, this works and could be committed? Or what does "Also the fixed top bar is going away so that problem is going to solve itself." mean?

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and hide shadow from admin menu

#admin-menu {
    box-shadow: none;

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Almost two years and the fixed navbar is still around. Any plans to remove it, so admin menu can work? :)

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It works just fine in the 2.x branch.

Ah thx Mark. Yep, I am facing this issue with Bootswatch. Will post this in that issue.