I'm trying to edit Path Based meta tags, and whatever I enter doesn't get saved into the fields. They remain blank.


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Please provide steps to reproduce: what are the fields, do you have default front page etc.

Hey, this seemed to be a conflict with another module I had installed. I disabled a number of secondary ones, and they began saving again. I'll need to do some more testing to see which one did it.

Great, thank you for getting back!

Were you able to identify which modules were causing the problem? My metatags, description, title are also not saving. Thanks.

I too can not save my meta data, nor is it even showing up the defaults, somebody please reply to this thread with a solution. Thank You.

My solution was unfortunately to not use this module.

For pages created by views, or panel layouts, I instead used either a basic page & simple blocks, or the Panel Node type. This allowed me to use the Metatag module to set the metatags for what ever I needed - either for a whole node type, or individually. I have yet to have the issues I had with metatags_quick using these methods. As it stands now Drupal 7's SEO is in shambles, and this seemed the only work-around. Unfortunately, I slaved hours over trying to get this module to work to no avail.

Compared to the ease of nodewords in Drupal 6, I've been rather disappointed. This seems to be a trend with most "non-essential" drupal modules, unfortunately. I'm still choosing 6 over 7 in some cases.