Would be nice to have this easy way to bring it into existing sites, even just the library add in (not necessarily the views integration).


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Once we get a full release for Drupal 7, I'll see if we can create a simplified D6 version.

Title:Quick D6 integration.FlexSlider v1 for Drupal 6
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Since v2 of the library requires jQuery 1.4.2 we won't be bringing the second version of the module to D6.

At this point, I think we'll just have the basic libraries integration for D6. If someone wants to build out the option sets and integration modules for CCK and Views and such they're more than welcome. But I won't be putting significant effort into the D6 version at this time.

I'll push out a dev release for D6 running with FlexSlider 1.8 over the weekend to give a proper starting point for anyone interested in extending it.

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Oops didn't mean to set the status to won't fix.

Did I misunderstand or you were planning of adding a 6.x dev version of the module? I would love to try it out ;)

It's not on our immediate list of tasks. But we'll consider it if enough people are interested. Patches are always welcome ;-)

Thanks for your anser @minorOffense. I completely understand. I would love to be more helpful, but my coding skills are rather limited, hence my offer for testing instead ;)

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