I can view the avatars in the config area, however the avatar selection functionality isn't showing up on the registration page or the profile page.

The module is enabled and set up as on my drupal 6 site, and I made sure the permissions were allowed for anon. and auth. users. However, still nothing is showing up for the users to select and avatar.

I do have the "Register with Picture" installed, but disabling that made no difference.

Any ideas?


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Is this a D6 or D7 issue? You've said drupal 6 but selected 7.x-1.x-dev as the version.

If the d7 version, then I'd recommend trying out the latest dev release (dated today) as I've just committed a bunch of fixes.

If the d6 version, then ensure users have the 'access avatars' permission and that user profile pictures are enabled at admin/user/settings

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Sorry for the confusion, this is what I meant: I have a D6 and D7 site - D6 works, D7 doesn't, but I have them configured the same... I'll try the D7 update now...

I tried RC (19th feb) first, and then the latest dev (20th feb). Both fixed part of the issue and the avatar selection now appears on the user profile edit page... thanks!

However, I'm still not getting anything to appear on the registration page. Am I missing something? (I have 'access avatars' permissions set for anonymous and authenticated)

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Hmm I tried it just here, both with and without the "Force users to select an avatar image on user registration" setting enabled (just in case it was that) and it always appeared as long as anonymous users had the "access avatars" permission and there were avatars available to be used by anonymous users.

You do have avatars configured for either "all roles" or "anonymous", right? What are your other avatar selection settings?

There's no harm in clearing caches after the upgrade if you hadn't already. Maybe also check if there's any updates to be done via update.php too

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OK I found the issue... it's the "Register with Picture" module... they aren't playing nicely together on the register page like the do on the profile edit page.
Hopefully you can sort that?
(It's time to go home and I'm late, so I'll check back tomorrow)

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Hmmm I enabled reg_with_pic here and no problems - other than the avatar selection widget was still required which it shouldn't have been (fix for that now committed).

Please provide all of your avatar selection module settings so that I can try to accurately reproduce it here.

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I figured out why it doesn't work. It's the order the modules were enabled in.

"avatar_selection_form_user_register_form_alter()" was running before "reg_with_pic_form_user_register_form_alter()" which meant avatar_selection thought that reg_with_pic was disabled and reg_with_pic overwrote the avatar_selection.

I disabled and then re-enabled avatar_selection and it started working - Looking in your code I see that this altered the weight of avatar_selection in the 'system' table to 1 (whereas I assume it was 0 before).

Maybe in your next release you can include a SQL statement to run during update.php to ensure that the weight is set correctly for other people who haven't disabled and re-enabled?

Hope that helps, and thanks for your patience!

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I guess I was relying on people disabling modules before upgrading and running update.php as is recommended, but I realise not everyone does that. I've added in an update hook to increase the weight and committed it to git now.

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