I have a custom content type (customer profile), I have set a default pattern for the page title and I checked the "show field" checkbox of page title in the content type settings (and the page title field shows in my custom content edit page), but when I change the page title in the custom content edit form, the pattern is used instead of what I entered in the page title field. I check the permissions, and rebuild them. The overriden page title is saved correctly because when I edit the custom content page again, it shows the correct page title in the edit field, but when you save the form, and look at the HTML source of the page, the pattern is used, not the custom value entered in the page title field of the edit form.


I'm getting exactly the same issue - did you find a work around for this yet?

No I haven't. I'm new to Drupal, and don't know enough to fix the problem myself. I was hoping someone had the same problem and had found a workaround.

What theme are you using? Have you just started building the site?

I started with Garland, used it for a while and switched to Acquia Marina about 6 months ago, when I felt more comfortable with more elaborate stuff.

Okay - Garland certainly has some issues. I am guessing that flushing out the cache you have done already?

Yes, I have cleared the cache several times, for different reasons, but the custom title still does not show.

Same issue for me too. It works on my local installation where I am using Garland theme but doesn't work on our developement site where we have a custom theme. I see the Page Title field at the bottom of the node edit page along with other node configuration fields. It saves the value for it but it doesn't output it in the tag when I view the source. tag only contains the sitename value as I am using the default pattern. Wondering if it could be because of custome theme? If so, could someone suggest what should I look into to figure out the cause?

it worked for me after applying the patch in this issue http://drupal.org/node/1306206

Version:6.x-2.5» 7.x-2.7

the same problem in drupal 7

Version:7.x-2.7» 6.x-2.x-dev

I updated the module from 6.x-2.7 to 6.x.2.x-dev, applied the patch (http://drupal.org/node/1306206) and it's still doesn't work for me. The browser does not display the title overridden by the user in the custom content type edit page.

same issue here Page Title module version 7.x-2.7