• Final fix for the non-UTC UNTIL feature (I hope).
  • BUGFIX: Using the "RRULE UNTILs are not in UTC" should not longer crash.
  • Issue #2179435: You can now skip importing events more than X days old.
    There's a new setting on the "iCal parser" settings page, which lets you set
    an integer number of days. Events which ended more than that number of days
    before the import will be skipped.
  • Changed "Repeat Rule" to "Date: Repeat Rule" in the feeds sources list.
    This makes it consistent with the "DateField: Repeat Rule" feeds target
    offered by the Date module. It also pushes the source up next to the
    "Date: Start" and "Date: End" sources, which helps you find it when you're
    setting up your mapping.
    This is only a UI change.
  • Issue #2207173: RRULEs with non-UTC UNTIL values are now supported.
    According to the iCal spec, the UNTIL value of an RRULE must be specified in
    UTC. But certain iCal feed creation tools don't respect this rule, and
    instead specify the UNTIL value in local time. Since all the other code that
    Date iCal utilizes to parse RRULEs expects the UNTIL value to be in UTC,
    this go badly when it's not.
    In order to get around this issue, I've added an option to the iCal Parser
    settings, which allows users to tell Date iCal that they expect the UNTIL
    values in their feeds' RRULEs to not be in UTC. With that option enabled,
    Date iCal will treat the UNTIL date as being in the same timezone as the
    event's DTSTART.
  • Corrected the README's description of Date's "time zone handling" setting.
    Upon further research, I discovered that my previous write-up about this
    setting was incomplete and partially incorrect. I also discovered the
    glaring bugs in the "Date's time zone" setting, so I added a warning against
    using it.
  • Refactored ParserVcalendar to enable inter-handler communication.
    Date iCal doesn't currently use this new mechanism (I originally created it
    for a feature that ultimately didn't end up needing it), but it may be
    helpful in the future for when one handler needs to know about the results
    from a previous handler's pass over the same event.
  • Fixed a bug in the Feeds Parser which could break certain all day events.
    All day events which start on the last day of a month and don't have an end
    date specified were broken, due to a silly mistake I made in the DTEND
  • Issue #2236241: Improved the README in regards to timezone settings.
  • Issue #2203085: Added support for importing GEO fields from iCal feeds.
  • Added hook_date_ical_import_post_parse_alter().
    This hook allows modules to alter the final data array for each event,
    just before it gets sent through the rest of the Feeds processing steps to
    be turned into a node. The context array is what separates this hook's
    functionality from what users can do with Feeds Tamper.
  • Issue #2223829: Improved the README on how to attach an iCal feed to a view.
    Made a few other improvements to the README while I was at it.
  • Issue #2199885: Worked around a bug in iCalcreator that invalidates "0" as a UID.
  • Version 3.1 release.
  • Updated the README, added new tests, implemented hook_help().
  • FEATURE: Added support for Windows timezone names.
    By using the amazing, free database of Windows timezone names curtesy of the
    CLDR project (http://cldr.unicode.org), I was able to add support for the
    non-standard timezone names created by Microsoft Outlook. Hopefully, the
    "not a valid timezone" error will now be much less common.
  • December 13, 2013 21:38

    Commit f4e0b60 on 7.x-3.x
    authored by Renee S, committed by coredumperror
    Issue #2156331: Fixed UIDs generated on load-balanced servers.
  • Issue #2150071: Fixed a typo that I introduced in kpaxman's patch.
  • December 5, 2013 1:36

    Commit 425b8d5 on 7.x-3.x
    authored by kpaxman, committed by coredumperror
    Issue #2150071: Added support for the Location module. Thanks, kpaxman!
  • Initial Date iCal 3.1-dev commit. Fixed multi-property RDATEs and EXDATEs.
    The Date Repeat module’s date_repeat_build_dates() function does not support
    RDATEs and EXDATEs defined as separate properties, as well as being a bit
    buggy in other ways. So I copy-pasta’d it and made the necessary fixes.
    I wanted to add support for EXRULEs, but it’s more complicated than I
    expected. So since no one has actually asked for it, I left it as a TODO.
  • Version 3.0 release. YAY!
  • Initial commit for v2.14.
  • Version 2.13 release.
  • Undid the error message change for iCalcreator load failure.
  • Issue #2135541: Applied similar fixes to the way that iCalcrator gets loaded.
    Date iCal 3's use of the Libraries APIs was slightly less awful than 2's, but it
    would still fail to properly detect an incorrectly installed iCalcreator.
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