After installing views 3.2 i get the following error, when trying to login:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function language_fallback_get_candidates() in modules/views/modules/field/ on line 210

#14 1450268.patch890 bytesdawehner
#12 1450268.patch888 bytesdawehner
#5 1450268-fast.patch826 bytesdawehner


same here


I try applying that patch, but fails.

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new826 bytes

That's indeed quite critical. So probably there is a need for 3.3
I committed this patch to 7.x

I'd say this makes absolutely sense :)

That patch doesnt make sense to me.
Also, unzipped new module over the broken release, and cleared caches -- no fix.

Why does this patch no sense for you?

The patch didn't solve the problem for me. I habe locale enabled and the error still occurs. (with views 3.3)

I completly removed the if clause and always set
> $language_fallback_candidates[] = LANGUAGE_NONE;
as temporary solution.

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I mark this issue as active (see #9)

Oh boy, Daniel will hate me for this :|
Looks like what we really need is require_once DRUPAL_ROOT . '/includes/';
As language_fallback_get_candidates() resides in this include file an not in the locale module.
The locale module just uses this file too, thus if the locale module handles language fallback stuff before views does the file is already included. But if views comes first we're in a mess.

Could someone who experiences this error try and add this line before the call of language_fallback_get_candidates()?
Feedback appreciated!

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Oh man.

Here is a small patch. Please be sure that the logic is right here. This function already takes care of

Tested on my site - language fallback condition is present and query works.
I didn't test without language fallback or without locale.
However, what about having the requrie_once inside the if?

new890 bytes

This makes sense

Patch #1450268-14: Fatal error: Call to undefined function language_fallback_get_candidates() did not apply correctly on martplug profile. Git couldn't find the file.
HOWEVER, manually applying the patch to the correct file worked.
Not sure if this is good enough for [reviewed and tested by the community], so I'm leaving it as [needs review].

The patch in #4 worked for me with my error with locale turned on, but the view that returned the error is not returning any values

I got this patch in.

$4 worked like butter for me. Right on time to.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

#14 works for me. #5 not.

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Since dereine committed (#14), I think this is fixed.

#20 seems to work for me :-) Thank you!

Same problem after updating to Views 3.3 today. (only for one of my pages that work with Views).
Could fix it with #20 comment.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

Got same problem on Views 3.3, going back to 3.2 solves the error.

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it seems that what the patch does is not included in Views.3.3 , has anyone noticed the same problem, and should we report the problem opening a new - issue for Views.3.3?

It's at least fixed in 7.x-3.x-dev

Just got this error on a clean install of martplug ( when trying to add a new product.

As a relative newbie to Drupal, is it easier to upgrade/downgrade Views module or try to decipher and apply the patch?

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Marking back, it's fixed in dev. It will be in 7.x-3.4

I don't even have the document that is listed in these patches ...

Confirming that 3.x-dev (2012-May-01) fixed this.