Not to be confused with #724392: Use field names (rather than labels) on overview page

If you have two fields that use the same label but have different field name you can't tell which is which on the permission page.

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#3 1450514-3-field_permissions-permission_page_label.patch1.94 KBDavid Stosik
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I agree with this. Also a problem when you are exporting permissions into features. It's very hard to know which field is which when you have several fields with the same label.


Our labels are massive (in german).. Showing the machine name would be very nice and de-clutter the field permissions table.

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Here is my try.

Create own value for field field_image
This field appears as: "Node:Article:Image", "Node:Page:Page main Image".

I use the field name in first line, then list in description all appearances of the field, using format "Entity:Bundle:Field label".
Feel free to review attached patch.



This patch is part of the #1day1patch initiative.

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The last submitted patch, 1450514-3-field_permissions-permission_page_label.patch, failed testing.

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Sorry, forgot about the tests.