Would be helpful to be able to download / export subscribers to be able to backup data.

Don't see that as an option.

Thanks, Erich

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you can always backup your data using a database management tool like phpmyadmin.
or the backup and migrate module : http://drupal.org/project/backup_migrate
No need to add unnecessary functionality

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For a full blown newsletter module I think this is useful. Apart from just backing up the data newsletter subscriptions are a useful way of harvesting addresses and building a following. Apart from deleting subscribers, I don't see any other management functions for subscribers. eg moving subscribers from one list to another - can only be done individually.... If one could easily export the subscribers as something like a csv file then one could work with the database and re-import. Not all users of this module are going to be skilled enough to work with phpmyadmin.

My oar's worth..

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I had the same issue and created a module for the job, maybe it's better of as a patch but for testing purposes I created a sandbox project http://drupal.org/sandbox/Nexsoft/1800498. It let you export your subscribers as a csv file.
I also attach the module here as a zip file.

sweet, i wouldnt mind for a seperate module, this might as well help for 1.x => 2.x upgrade :)
will check it later

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the attatched newsletter_export module though is helpful, it only Exports the default personal info fields..Is there a way to export all the custom defined fields also?