TCPDF supports digital signatures, can that be leveraged in this module so that we can generate signed PDF files from database content?


I have the same requirement, and TCPDF says it can digitally sign PDFs.

I will start from this examples:

As I am not a programmer I don't know how to use this examples to set up TCPDF in my Drupal install to produce digitally signed PDFs.
Any help will be appreciated.

Was anyone able to implement this? I would like to sign invoices.

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In queue.

Issue tags:+#views_pdf_7.x-2.x

Tagging for the next version.

I see some activity, does it mean that this is going to be implemented anytime soon?

It means is in the queue or todo list for the next version. So yes.

You're free to say idea of "what's a digital signatures" Image? hash?

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