Notice: Undefined index: status in signup_admin_form_after_build() error at /node/add/project-issue/signup. I have included my first Drupal patch, so be nice :). Decided to remove the variables and set the full values along with the indices within foreach loop.


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I applied the patch and everything seems to be working fine for me. Thanks for doing this!

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Thanks for contributing a patch to fix a problem! Since it's your first, I'll give you some feedback to improve for other patches you post. Instead of leaving the dead code commented out, the patch should just remove those lines entirely.


Point well noted! Thanks Derek

Adding first part of error to make it easier for others to find via search:

Notice: Undefined index: limit in signup_admin_form_after_build() (line 173 of
Notice: Undefined index: status in signup_admin_form_after_build() (line 174 of

The patch seemed to work for me, at least the errors went away. Thanks!

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I think we may need this patch.

Agreed Jerenus. My original patch was poorly formatted.