I'm trying to publish an article but it comes with an error message ''The 'publish on' date must be in the future''. I haven't set any schedule date but puts a red box around the date/time. I try choose later today but it still doesn't work. How do i change this so i can just publish straight away?


I don't understand it because it was working fine earlier but since i've set items to schedule its now suddenly giving me that error message when i try publish.

I have no explanation for this behavior. It should publish the node right away if the scheduler publish_on field is blank (and publish is checked in the publish tab).

Hi spike1911
Is the content type setting ticked for 'Publishing date/time is required.'?

We were having this same issue, needing to have some articles scheduled to go live in an hour or 2. By ticking 'Publishing date/time is required' on, saving the settings, and then ticking it back off, we were suddenly able to do this.

Version:7.x-1.x-dev» 7.x-1.1

I have a content type set to 'Publishing date/time is required.' After the the time passed and the node is published, the publishing date/time is removed from the node by the cron run.
When I try to edit that node after it was published I get that error message (Valid date required for 'publish on') because that publishing date is empty.
Any idea what to do?

Hello Felixbachman,
I think your problem is the same as #1198788: Editing a published node with "Publishing date/time is required" forces users to set a new "Publish on" date/time.
But the original issue above is not necessarily the same as yours, so I am not closing this as a duplicate just yet.

Thanks Jonathan,
didn't see that other issue. And yes, that solved the problem

Status:Closed (cannot reproduce)» Closed (duplicate)

Closing as a duplicate of #1198788: Editing a published node with "Publishing date/time is required" forces users to set a new "Publish on" date/time as per #6 and #7.
edit: I was wrong, this is not a duplicate of that issue.

Status:Active» Closed (duplicate)

OK. But I am not entirely sure that the original issue and comments #1-4 are the same problem as #1198788: Editing a published node with "Publishing date/time is required" forces users to set a new "Publish on" date/time. However, given that we never detected what exactly their issue was, I'm ok with closing this. It can be re-opened if the original users come back with a further explanation of the problem.

Status:Closed (duplicate)» Closed (cannot reproduce)

I closed this in error. The original issue is indeed not a duplicate of #1198788. I will edit my post in #8 to avoid any further confusion.

I do think that the original issue might not be occurring any more in recent versions of Scheduler. I have extensively tested and audited the module over the past weeks and have not encountered this. I will change the status to "cannot reproduce" instead of "duplicate".

If anyone still encounters the original issue, feel free to reopen and provide details on how to reproduce it.

Status:Closed (duplicate)» Closed (cannot reproduce)

Thank you for your thoroughness and explanation.