I use ajax cart module on my page along with caching enabled. Hovewer, If user has javascript turned off there is only a text instead of cart saying - cart loading. I suggest to change it to the same behaviour as default ubercart cart. It shows only a link to cart page using noscript tags. Would this be possibe? Ttank you


Marked #1446390: homepage "loading cart" message for anonymous users as a duplicate of this issue.

I'll be looking into fixing this for the next release.

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Issue tags:+6.x-2.2 blocker

I have reworked the way the cached carts are generated for anonymous users so now anonymous users with JS disabled should see a simple link to their carts. Please test latest dev and let me know if it's working for you.

With latest dev for drupal 6 (jun 07) the issue remains the same.
Page cache turned on
Javacsript turned off in browser (chrome)
On all pages I get "loading cart" message

Sorry, I should have been more clear... Drupal.org automatically regenerates dev releases, the next one coming up in a few hours will include this.

With the latest dev relase it is working ok for users with js turned off. The link to cart is displayed instead "loading cart"
Thank you very much.

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