Thank you for very useful module.
I'd like to contribute with small improvement: Language awareness in taxonomy terms.
The reason is, that when I have more taxonomies linked to node, each taxonomy is language specific.

When I switch into LANG1 language I need taxonomy menu trails to catch on LANG1 terms only. And do this the same way for LANG2, etc.. I'll post my patch right away.



My patch providing mentioned feature.


Patch looks good. Thanks for it! I'll try to dig into this problem on the next weekend.

Status:Active» Fixed

Patch committed with a few changes. Language is added to the term object by Taxonomy Translation module (Internationalization project), so this feature depends on module existence.

2 joseph11:
Changes should be compatible with your code, so you can safely upgrade to the upstream version (dev version will be packaged in the next 12 hours).

Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)

Thank you for the info and all the work on this module.