Here is a message from my logs:



Message Notice : Undefined index: help topic dans views_plugin_display->options_form() (ligne 2056 dans /var/www/

NB: sorry but I can't remember how to produce it.

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If you can't reproduce that this is impossible to fix, maybe some custom code problem.
Additional this doesn't seem to be a major problem, so let's mark as fixed.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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One place this happens is when a module registers a plugin via hook_views_plugins() but does not provide the 'help topic' key in the plugin data. This is checked for some plugins, but not for access_options, cache_options, exposed_form_options, and pager_options plugins. Attached is a test-less patch, which can serve as a starting point for getting this fixed.

FWIW, I first observed this with the views_content_cache module.

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