I don't know if this is in the purview of AF, but I'm using the Mix and Match Fusion theme for 7.x, and the links for subscriptions (from the notifications module) and quote (from the quote module), are all pushed together next to the AF Edit/Delete buttons. Is there a way to put a separator between them or replace them with icons?


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I'm going to be only slightly helpful here... Yes, there is a way. AF will affect all links if told to do so. Unfortunately, I cannot remember how you do it at the moment and am not in a position to figure it out. So I'm leaving this active until you get a proper answer.

If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it. This is keeping me from moving forward with a Fusion-based theme instead of the one I'm currently using.

Hmm... I might have been remembering an unimplemented feature request. Looks like the list is still hardcoded rather than a setting:

$affected_keys = array('post-edit', 'comment-edit', 'post-delete', 'comment-delete', 'quote', 'comment-add', 'comment-reply');

Given that, I believe you would need to implement your own hook_link_alter() to add the classes. See advanced_forum_links_alter() in the .module file for an example.

That's all the more advice I have but will leave this active for a bit in case troky wants to weigh in. If you are able to make a go of it from there, please mark this fixed.

This is probably beyond my capabilities, so hopefully someone more knowledgeable can provide a fix.

Just wondering if anyone was able to work on this.


Do you really want to style all forum links?
There are several 'link' types:
- default forum buttons
- additional links that could be rendered as buttons (quote for example)
- ajaxified links like flag/bookmark - not sure if we want to see this like button
- text only (statistic data/read count) - shouldn't be rendered as buttons

... it is hard to predict all possible options.

I would like to hear what other people think.

I just expect them to be separated in some way. As I mentioned in the opening post, they're all mashed together. I'm talking about links which appear (typically) below a node post, sometimes below comments as well.