Hi, Am Trying to configure my nodestream application to work with domain access. but when i install & enable domain access. the nodestream application logs me out from the admin back end . Anybody help me out with this problem


I am also having the same problem. Helpppppppp

I don't know if this is actually a NodeStream issue, it's probably more of a domain access issue. Have you tried setting this up on a clean Drupal install and see if the problem exists there as well?

hey fabsor. i am now trying to nodestream on on drupal 6. so far i have managed to filter out content on domain 1 thats meant for domain 2 by using domain access views but when i go to domain 1 i see the content and when i click it says access denied. is there a way to completly hide the content from view?

Version:7.x-2.0-alpha10» 6.x-1.x-dev

I'm moving this down to 6.x then. I will have to have a closer look at this, I come back with a response as soon as possible.

ok fabsor. try nodestream and domain access and tell me how you did it. :) thanks. i will be waiting.

Hey Fabsor.. Did you manage to hook domain access and nodestream 1 or 2 yet?? how can they operate together?