When fb_social.module 1.x and fb.module are both enabled, fb.module is completely broken by fb_social. I had a client run into this and it was tricky to track down.

I'm experimenting with the attached patch. It seems to work OK so far.

The patch looks worse than it is, because my editor strips trailing spaces. Really I'm adding

if (typeof(window.fbAsyncInit) == 'undefined') {

around all the javascript added to the footer. Since fb.js defines that function and initializes facebook's JS, this effectively prevents fb_social from initializing it.


new574 bytes

Attached is a cleaner patch, although I had to move some of the changes around to maintain php syntax rules.

Unfortunately, my d7 site still breaks when users log out and try to add nodes (http://ivotesize.com/en/node/add/ivotesize-survey).

I couldn't get this patch to apply.

$ git apply fb_social.module.patch
fb_social.module.patch:7: trailing whitespace.
  if (typeof(window.fbAsyncInit) == 'undefined') {
fb_social.module.patch:15: trailing whitespace.
error: patch failed: fb_social.module:605
error: fb_social.module: patch does not apply