I cant remember what the default was but it looked terrible on my droid. I change the mobile setting to "only screen and (max-width:460px)" and it looks great now.


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Wow, ok I didnt think it was enabled by default. I haven't even messed with it. I will take a look. I am thinking I will probably have to disable it by default as I haven't done any kind of mobile testing or anything but I will play with it.

Wow ya the 460px change is pretty good, and I went through all the pages and the mobile side of things is way closer than I thought it would be. I think I want to accelerate the idea of making it totally mobile-ready here pretty soon.

I have updated the openchurch_theme and updated head to point to the new theme. The dev packager for OC is bombing out for some reason so I still need to research why.

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So you can test the demo site now http://demo.openchurchsite.com which is improved but still not great. On my Droid X and Droid Pro phones it still renders in the desktop view for some reason. If I use opera it will render in the mobile view and it's better than it was but not super-great, just okay.

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Had to disable responsive theme for now, please see http://drupal.org/node/1541400

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OK got this pushed to dev and it is now referencing a new stable version of the OC theme which I have updated. I will need help testing this as I would like to push this out to 1.11.

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Pushed to Pushed to 7.x-1.11-alpha3

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