I loved the chatroom in 6.x because it was easy to install, and I could create different chatrooms for different classes. With the new version I have no way to install nodejs for the school, so I can't use it anymore.

Would it be possible to refactor nodejs-support for chatroom into a separate module, a bit like drupalchat does, so that we who can't set up nodejs, or don't care to, might continue to enjoy the module?


Title:Use nodejs as an alternative?Refactor node.js to option, not requirement?

i have no interest in providing support for a polling backend, sorry.

probably best to look at another chat module. let me if there's any way i can help you get node.js going.

A but no other module is as good. I will just have to see what the hosting company can do.


the node.js portion doesn't need to run on the same server or hosting company as the Drupal site.

there are hosting providers that specialise in node.js, like nodejitsu and joyent.

Oh joy, thank you ;)

no problem!

let me know how you go with setting it up. i'm happy to adjust the node.js part of the nodejs module if it makes it easier to deploy on hosting providers like joyent or nodejitsu.

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Changing status, in order to clean up from the queue.