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First attempt.

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Unfortunately, you shouldn't make any changes to the docblocks because #1313980: Clean up API docs for node module is still in progress. At a minimum this will need a reroll after the other issue is fixed. I would suggest picking another issue to work on until then.

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The issue #1313980: Clean up API docs for node module is mostly complete (except for a review of the Test classes).

As a result, it would be great if someone could post here at least the results of running this module through the D7 Coder with the appropriate settings. At present, I am unable to do so and would really like to see how close this key core module is to passing a full Coder review.

I think that we can then roll a revised patch addresses many of the flagged items. Thanks in advance.

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Postponing till feature freeze. If you want to help in the meantime, please work on the blockers on the meta issue. Thanks!

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(Merging "node system" and "node.module" components for 8.x; disregard.)

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