I'm trying to migrate a bunch of content that is ordered by a numerical ranking. The Weight module seems to be exactly what I'm looking for, it's fairly mature and I cannot find support anywhere for it. It seems like a natural fit for Migrate Extras; think there'd be any interest? It would probably make a good field handler... Also, apologies if I should be asking in Weight's issue queue instead of here.



Title:Add support for Weight module?Add migration support for Weight module?
Project:Migrate Extras» Weight
Version:7.x-2.3-rc1» 7.x-2.x-dev
Component:Miscellaneous» Code

Yes, the Weight module is the right place to ask.

@delta -- That's for physical weight; Weight module deals with item weighting in the sense "make this piece of content float higher in listings than that piece of content."

@mikeryan -- Good to know; thanks!

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I'm not too familiar with the Migrate module and won't have the time to look into it for at least a few weeks. I'd be glad to review a patch if someone can come up with one.

Not sure if it helps, but for some simple scenarios it simply helps to migrate the items into destination system in correct order (especially if you are migrating into clean system) by correct setting of ORDER BY source SQL query. Then, the nodes will be inserted into target system in desired order and you get the correct ordering if you add Node: ID to Weight view as second parameter to Weight: Weight.

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Derp, I meant "field handler" and not "destination handler".