I see the settings on AF admin page.

But the "Image field" has only "None" item, even when I add image field to a "Forum topic" content type.

Nothing about in README or in Drupal web docs.

#10 af7_1537826_1.patch563 bytestroky


Title:FORUM IMAGE SETTINGS ?Forum Image Settings ?

This field comes from the forum navigation vocabulary and is used in the "Forums" page (first level)
go to admin/structure/taxonomy/forums/fields and add an image field
then it will be available in the advanced forum configuration "Forum image settings"

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Thanks for explaining this samsouk.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

I'm having the same issue with not having a field to select for the forum image field, and I do have an image field with a Media file selector widget and it's still not giving me any options. I've run cron, flushed caches numerous times, updated to D7.15 and I still can't get this to work properly. Any suggestions?

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Setting as active to make sure it's visible for a response. Thanks!

Im having problems with this too... I have the custom image field made but I cant use it for some reason. Unless I am completely misunderstanding the abilities of it... It is meant to allow users to upload/attach images to comments isnt it?

This does not work as it should and as indicated in comment #2.

I even changed my image field widget from "Media file selector" to just "Image" and it still doesn't recognize that image field in that taxonomy vocabulary.

Since it's now six months later and not addressed I'm going to consider this as won't fix/abandoned functionality.

#2 works fine if you select default "Image" widget.
I'll check why it doesn't work with "Media file selector".

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This patch should fix missing forum image when "Media file selector" is used as image widget.

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Above patch committed.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.