This is a very interesting article:

This feels like one of those things that could become a best practice. And while I'd love it to be in the initial Zen 7.x-5.0, I fear there may be some subtle complications when browsers have different default font sizes. (The comments of the article hint at the complications.)

I think we'd need to test this pretty thoroughly before committing.

On the other hand, we're only setting the breakpoints for the default "responsive-sidebars" layout. Themers are going to need to discover the intrinsic breakpoints of their content and design, so they'll need to modify the breakpoints.



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A decision on this is a 7.x-5.0 blocker. Though we may decide to thoroughly test and add it to 5.1 or later.

I'm my opinion, if you don't want the calculation of breakpoints to change when the default font size if different then maybe you don't want to be using ems at all. I think it's part of the philosophy, let go of control :-)

@lewisnyman, except that you'd essentially be making it convenient for the themer at the inconvenience of many site viewers and still ending up with a less professional site. Can't we control the em calculations in SASS anyway?

Drop px and move to em IMO.

EDIT: How is this impacted by #1440910: Change font styling technique from "em"s to "rem"s?

rem == em when used in media queries since they are "em"s with no parent element. Which is good because you can't use px as a fallback for media queries if you used the rem unit.

Issue tags:-7.x-5.0 blocker

This is a new technique. Let's test it thoroughly and then deploy if its solid.

Removing the blocking tag.

This is an interesting concept and would probably require it's own mixin to accurately use and handle IE fall backs.

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The breakpoint Sass mixin will do this automatically. Moving to 7.x-6.x

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