the module works well with not very big menu,
but it stop working in node view when the menu item stands under four items


Which version of Drupal are you using? Did you try latest Taxonomy Menu Trails 7.x-2.1 (if compatible with your Drupal version, see project page)?

Just to be sure. Both nodes have the same type, aren't they?

Drupal 6.25
I didn't try 7.x-2.1 version, because I haven't test site on Drupal 7 yet...
and yes, both of the nodes have the same node type

Sorry, missed that you're using D6. I'll try to reproduce this problem tomorrow and post results here.

thanks very much

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The problem is not in depth of menu item. Here is the term page showing the node:

And here is the node itself and menu expanded by Taxonomy Menu Trails:

So, the problem is somewhere in your site. Please describe your settings from the page admin/settings/taxonomy-menu-trails (screenshot will be fine too). Which node type and vocabulary are on the screenshots from the first post?

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here are the taxonomy menu trails settings

taxonomy menu trails settings

All of the items under 'Partner guide' menu item have 'Partner content' node type, their vocabulary name are 'Categories' (there is only one taxonomy vocabulary on the site).
Here are 'Categories' settings

vocabulary's settings

Please, try to enable "Get term's path from Taxonomy Menu modules" checkbox on Taxonomy Menu Trails settings.

If it won't help, please post paths of both taxonomy terms from the first post ("Sales materials" and "Press releases"). Please, make sure you're posting paths and not path aliases. You can get real path of each menu item from menu editor.

"Get term's path from Taxonomy Menu modules" checkbox doesn't help.
Path for 'Sales materials' is /taxonomy/term/144 and path for 'Press releases' is /taxonomy/term/152

Is your website accessible from the Internet? Could you please post its URL?

You could send me a URL through contact form if you don't want to post it here.

Hi Dima,

there is a problem with showing of site, currently it is available only under our vpn connection.
I can manually move its files and database on an open server after May 30-th, and I'll give you URL after that.


Actually, I could investigate this problem with xdebug on this weekend if you send me its code and database backup (without site/default/files). Is it possible? I'll send you a message from contact form, so you'll have my e-mail address. If it's not possible, let's wait until the end of May.

Title:Compatibility with Menu Trails modulethe module doesn`t work with menu item multiplicity more than four items
Category:support» bug

Menu Trails module is the reason of your problem. Taxonomy Menu Trails and Menu Trails do similar things, but TMT do its job automatically for taxonomy terms & nodes relations and in Menu Trails you have to select relations manually. These modules can be used together if they're both properly configured: don't set up parent for content type used in TMT. In your case you need to select "<none>" as a parent for Partner content.

Category:bug» support
Status:Active» Fixed

And it's not a bug, just a wrong configuration.

Title:the module doesn`t work with menu item multiplicity more than four itemsCompatibility with Menu Trails module

thanks very much, it works.

Title:the module doesn`t work with menu item multiplicity more than four itemsCompatibility with Menu Trails module
Category:bug» support
Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.