I created a node view displaying multiple nodes, each containing a "from-date". I sorted the view by ascending "from-date/time" which works perfectly for the default display.

As a next step, I added a "feed display" using views-rss and the Style "RSS Feed - Fields".

The issue is: The resulting RSS-feed is not sorted like the default display by ascending "from-date/time" but by descending "from date/time".

I already tried to override the default display, but this does not work.

Is there a solution for this?

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What exactly is your "from-date" and "from-date/time"? What kind of field? Could you attach screenshots of your view display settings and field settings?

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The "from-date"-field is a cck-datefield.

Attached you can find a screenshot of the settings.

As I mentioned, the ascending sorting works perfect for the default display, but not for the RSS-feed.

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Just given it a test and I see no problems sorting feed items by CCK Date field, everything works perfectly fine. Please try to replicate your issue starting with clean Drupal installation, and if the problem still persist feel free to re-open this issue providing detailed steps to replicate it.