Hello! And sorry for my english!

TVI is a very good module, but one its feature is haunted me - the memory used is up than 150 MB on the pages of adding and editing nodes (node/add*, node/*/edit).

I saw by the Devel module that there are a lot of queries like

SELECT * FROM tvi_settings ts WHERE ts.type = 'vocab' AND ts.xid = my_xid
- they are very small, but there are many such queries (seems to be: number of terms in my site == number of queries).

I thought this topic will help me, but it didn't (possible because of other TVI version there).

Can You help me? I don't deal with code and I don't know are so much queries are needed on such pages.

Great Thank You!


Version:6.x-1.3» 6.x-1.x-dev

That seems odd, because TVI would have no bearing on node add or node edit forms. If this is true this should be rectified immediately.