it's also used on over 6k sites in D7, I have a hard time believing it's as unstable as reported on the project page and use in that many (non-production) sites. Any status on even just marking an alpha?

Site usage now indicates D7 is almost at parity with the D6 version; why on Earth is there not even a beta stable release yet?

I asked this question on Drupal.SE ( and got a lot of flack, was told "Herpa derpa durr, if yer want a stable version, contribute yerserlf!".

So, to that end, I will contribute code, documentation, WHATEVER IS NEEDED TO GET A STABLE RELEASE -- please, start marking issues with the D7 Stable Release Blocker tag and I'll get on them! But as it is now, it's really hard to tell WTF's up with this module, or how to contribute -- as is probably evidenced by how many "Urr, can I haz Conditional Fieldz yet?" issues in this queue.

I'll start by marking those as duplicate and pointing them at this issue...

@aendrew - I appreciate your passion. It would be great if you could channel it into the 3 critical bugs in the 7.x branch. Once that's done moving on to major bugs makes sense.

I do agree that it would be helpful to testers and site owners alike to create at least a beta release at this point.

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now just 3

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added list of issues.

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Durr, forgot hash mark.

+1 this. Has there been any major headway made on this since Nov of last year?

+1 for a stable release

Ok aren't we heading to the D6 retirement horizon and there isn't a stable D7.
++1 for a stable release

Please make a release of some sort, even if it is just a beta or something.

The reason is that there are bugs being fixed in dev and it makes it much harder to see what version do I have and does it have some fix that was committed on this date.

There are no release notes anywhere to tell people what is being updated/added/fixed because there are no releases.

Plus I have seen other modules snubbing conditional fields integration problems because conditional fields is still in dev.

There are ~14000 users of 7.x-1.x-dev so I think it's safe to say it is stable enough to at lease do a beta or two until the critical issues are resolved.

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Now only 2 crit.

I agree but as I see there is no activity by maintainer any more. Am i wrong? I considered using Field conditional states

This module is also broken :-(

Why broken? For me it works great. I greated a patch for feature integration and it works very well.

It's broken like this module if you have a checkbox that requires other fields; if it checkbox will be enabled.

I suggest to post an issue there, may be it will be patched

Already done many months ago... a year?

Guess this module is never going to happen, is it? Any stable alternatives for a production site?

Nice, but how does that work? I installed the module, turned it on and nothing happens. I don't see where I could add conditions at all (not in contenttype, not in the fields themselves, not in the admin dashboard).

nvm, found it, I always forget to look for tabs (very annoying drupal functionality btw, having menu options on a lot of different places on a page).

There should be an extra tab on the fields page of your content types.

+1 for a stable release, please!

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Updating list of critical issues.