I'm experiencing the following problem. I have installed and use Views Nivo Slider in http://roisites.com/agro and it works great in all major browsers. However, when I use Internet Explorer 9, the slider will display fine when I first load the page via the address bar, but when I select a menu item the slider will either display scrambled or not display images at all. This only happens when I access a page through the menu, if I hit F5 and refresh the page the slider will display fine.

I have been trying to track down this problem in CSS or see if the Drupal cache is causing this issue, but I have deactivated completely caching and it is still happening. Any help would be much appreciated.


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Dear kkaravolas,

To make sure it is not the issues of your custom theme, could you please try to change your current theme to default Bartic theme and check on the IE 9?
If still problem exists then we can make sure it is an issue with the module.

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I've install Nivo Slider, and It can show slider in IE 9. But I cannot click to my assigned url.
But I check the source code of html, the anchor is right.
More, I browser the page in Firefox, it works well.

It might not be related but try to add the following to .nivoSlider a.nivo-imageLink :

    filter: alpha(opacity=0);
    /*non ie*/
     opacity: 0;

As seen here: Links doesnt work only on IE9

weird solution, but it works!!! thanks, mariomc. ;)

Title:Views Nivo Slider not working properly in Internet Explorer 9Views Nivo Slider not properly working in Internet Explorer 7-9
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