We found one participant being confused by the fact that you can upload only one image by default. Although that's obviously not a significant data point, we felt it was just a weird default anyway.

Although this was a limit we set initially for the Bartik theme, and standard profile in Drupal 7 - there seems no good reason to do this. Users expect to be able to add more images, and requiring them to go deep into Drupal's configuration just to add a few images to an Article

I propose we set it to unlimited.

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Well most articles are based on one picture a title and some text. More images are mostly added inside a new field?
Can be wrong...

Is there a downside to removing this limitation? Would it be somehow more confusing to site builders/content creators if the limit was not there?

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So ... the basic change would be this. Would we also want to change the

  • label (Image)
  • helptext (Upload an image to go with this article.)
  • machine name (field_image)


I'm in favor for allowing multiples. The one ugly-fying thing is that currently, you'd also get multiple images shown in the teaser version. That's what #1234624: Limit the number of fields to display is for.