I've added two ministry contents so far and on both of them after they save I get the following error.

Notice: Undefined index: und in eval() (line 4 of /home/www/aplighthouse.org/profiles/openchurch/modules/contrib/views/plugins/views_plugin_argument_validate_php.inc(52) : eval()'d code).

But other than that the page will display fine.


I get the same error but also on the Events pages that I make. Seems to be the same error.

I'm not sure if this is the best way to fix this but if you can access the settings.php file in your sites>default folder and add error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT); to the bottom of that file it turns off error reporting. Whatever the error is it is probably still relevant but it doesn't plaster the red box at the top of your pages. Hope this helps.

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Oh ok this is embedded PHP somewhere, I bet I can find it. You are correct that you can turn off errors but I still need to fix it. It is not a functionality problem per se, just an issue where I need to declare a variable or something in embedded php.

I'm also experiencing this errors both in ministries and events.
Anyone solved it? (Beside the 'hidding' thing).


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I think I fixed this in dev. Going to roll out a new stable release this morning.

Released in alpha2 - http://drupal.org/node/1591396

I'm not seeing the alpha2 release. Did you get it finished and posted?

It's here but its hidden for some reason? http://drupal.org/node/1591396 - I think only I can see it. This hasn't happened before.

Added 1.10-alpha3, we'll see if that shows up as public. I marked alpha2 as a security release bc it included a drupal security update but maybe that is some kind of flag that holds up the release or something?

I see that one. I'll download it tomorrow and check it out.

Just an update on this, I'm running alpha3 and still getting those same error messages as those above in this discussion. I'm going to turn off error reporting though so the red boxes won't post up all the time. But, wanted to bring that to your attention.

Mine specifically shows up on the particular events themselves and the ministries page:

Notice: Undefined index: und in eval() (line 4 of /home1/revivefe/public_html/profiles/openchurch/modules/contrib/views/plugins/views_plugin_argument_validate_php.inc(52) : eval()'d code).

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K I will look into this

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upping the priority

Did you upgrade to alpha3 or do a complete new install?

The thing you need to check is this view -
/admin/structure/views/view/openchurch_related_downloads/edit in the Nid argument

The thing that you should see in alpha2/3 is the isset() function which keeps PHP from firing the undefined index warning. This I know is present in the latest version. When I made the change locally to an older install I had running on my machine, it fixed the issue. I am currently doing a full re-install to check but this should work:

$node = node_load(arg(1));
//validate that we have at least 1 download
if (isset($node->field_oc_downloads[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['fid']))
  return TRUE;
  return FALSE;';

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This fixes the bug.

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Pushed to 7.x-1.10-alpha5

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.