I am using D7.12 and HS 7.x-3.x-dev (2012-Apr-19).
1. Created new vocabulary.
2. Added first term without changing anything.
3. While adding second term I set the first term as parent and removed "" from parent list.
4. When I hit submit I get the message "Parents field is required" and the parent list is empty.

Any clues?


Having exactly the same issue, steps to reproduce:

Edit a taxonomy term (with no parent), notice that the hierarcy is currently:

All parent terms
<root> Remove

I add another parent

All parent terms
<root> Remove
Customer Remove

I then remove 'root', leaving

All parent terms
Customer Remove

Clicking Save reveals Parents field is required.

Does anyone have a fix for this. This is extremely frustrating especially when you need to re-parent 50+ terms

Experiencing the same thing.. Very annoying bug :/

new701 bytes

Patch attached. Same logic as in taxonomy module.

new522 bytes

Patch in #3 had incorrect paths. New patch attached with correct paths.

Patch #4 works fine for me !

Thanx a lot

On latest dev for hierarchical_select those lines already appear fixed, but I still have this error.

This is how it's currently on dev-7.x-3.x

// Use Hierarchical Select for selecting the parent term(s).
$parent_tid = array_keys(taxonomy_get_parents($form['#term']['tid']));
$parent = !empty($parent_tid) ? $parent_tid : array(0);
$form['relations']['parent'] = array(
'#type'          => 'hierarchical_select',
'#title'         => t('Parents'),
'#required'      => TRUE,
'#default_value' => $parent,
'#config'        => $config,

Status:Active» Needs review

@jackbravo, the patch in #4 is checking $parent, not $parent_tid. If the error is still there though...

I'll add my +1 to the patch in #4. I'm not confident changing the status to reviewed & tested though. I'm applying the patch against contrib, not -dev.

Just ran into this bug in alpha5, patch at #4 worked like a treat, but only if the root term is deleted before the custom term is added, if the custom term is added and the root term is deleted it still gives you an error.

This also happens when moving terms from a to b and deleting b after adding a.

Why is HS used for parent terms anyway? IIRC there should only be one parent. (Or better yet let us turn it off for term editing but keep it for field editing)

Edit: Actually testing shows patch #4 doesn't work any more - it's entirely dependant on the order of delete/adding terms.

Please test with alpha 6 now.

Version:7.x-3.x-dev» 7.x-3.0-alpha6
Status:Needs review» Needs work

The problem still exists in alpha 6.
Here's a screencast. http://screencast.com/t/pB9rDmfhe0X

i have got the exact same problem. Is there any other module that can replace the default widget in the term_add page?