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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Kellton Tech Solution Limited, a global IT conglomerate, is the parent company of Tekriti Software. A CMMi Level 3 & ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Kellton Tech provides services and solutions for development of enterprise and consumer web, mobile and security applications. Kellton Tech was one of the early adopters of Drupal and employs one of the largest pools of dedicated Drupal developers. Headquartered in New Jersey, Kellton Tech has global delivery centers across the USA and India. The company specializes in performing end-to-end Drupal development services including Drupal architecture planning, module development, Drupal theme development, UI and creative design, quality assurance, testing and maintenance.

Kellton Tech is also the pioneer in Drupal-based mobile-first and responsive design in India. The company also provides Drupal hosting, migration to Drupal platform (from other platforms) and Drupal version upgrade services on project-to-project basis. Kellton Tech serves the gamut of customers including a healthy mix of start-ups, early-stage companies, enterprise companies and Fortune 1000 businesses. We have serviced customers representing a wide range of verticals including retail, travel, e-commerce, education, hospitality, adverting, market research, manufacturing, consumer goods, logistics, SCM, lifestyle and non-profits.

Drupal contributions

Drupal contributions: 

Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd (formerly known as Tekriti Software) is one of the pioneers in Drupal development in India. Kellton Tech employs one of the largest pool of over seventy dedicated Drupal developers. We have executed Drupal projects for a wide variety of industry segments like e-Commerce, travel, retail, media and publishing, entertainment for clients across the globe.

Kellton Tech is a Drupal Association Supporting Partner. Our organization is also actively involved in the participation and sponsorship of Drupal Con. We are the silver sponsors at Drupal Con, Prague (2013). We have also sponsored Drupal Con, Portland (2013), Drupal Con, Denver (2012) and Drupal Con, Munich (2012).

Kellton Tech has also around contributed over 26 modules to Here is a list of the top modules that have been authored, developed or co-maintained by our people.

  • Devel
  • Advanced help
  • Site map
  • User Visits
  • Navigate
  • User Visits Advanced
  • Hostip
  • WebRupee
  • Google Image SiteMap
  • Views Record Count
  • Login Redirect
  • Random IDs

Kellton Tech has more than half a dozen GIT Vetted users. Apart from the modules mentioned below, Kellton Tech's employees have been at the forefront in terms of community contributions. We have the following community contributions to our credit - Training - A Drupal distribution (, new case studies section @ ( and conducting Drupal Trainings (

Some our key showcase studies are as follows :

28.5 77.1
28.635308 77.22496
28.5 77.1
28.5 77
28.459497 77.026638

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