I had to change $node->created and I did it with scheduler module.
It required any modyfications in this module, mainly I had to allow setting publish on date in the past.
I limited this possibility only specified content types and user permission.
Content types you can set in content type settings while permission is called 'publish in the past' and you can assign this permission to any roles in your drupal.


Here is my patch

This one is proper patch

This is the newest patch. For some reasons I had to change logic. Now publishing in the past is done not immediatelly but by scheduler cron after a while.

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Marking this as a duplicate of #1819074: Allow publish_on dates in the past. This is in fact the older issue, but the other has a clearer title and description.

Thanks Pieter for tidying up these issues.

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Changing in business logic in patch

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