If a node type supports translation, there is no field content_type for language selection.

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Here's a patch.

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Herp - should mark this as needs review.

hi.. I have a big need for this field. tried your patch, and the plugin does appear on panels "add new" lists.. but doesn't appear on the rendering of final form. also, it has no setup options at all.. so whereas the other fields say "Node being edited" in front of them, this has nothing.
I am using panels to layout my forms, so this is where i'd use this plugin. currently mostly all the other fields have a way of adding in panels, but not languages :(


I'm not sure I follow what you're saying. I've been using this in my forms for some time now. But, that doesn't mean there isn't a problem ;) Maybe you can provide the steps to reproduce the problem?

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well.. this plugin should bring up node language selection widget to the panels form elements, right?
it does do that in the admin interface, so i can add the widget. but, it doesn't have any configuration options, and doesn't appear on the actual editing form..

I attached screenshot showing the difference.. so what you see here is node editing form created with panels. i added some of the widgets and as you see they have that "node being edited" text in front of them. meaning they belong to the currently edited node. those are basic taxonomy widgets.. and then i added languages which is this plugin. and it just popped right there, didn't ask for any configuration.. and thus lacks the "node being edited" in front of the name there.

am i using the plugin wrongly? it's not meant for adding node language selector to edit forms?


any news?


Patch #1 works for me too.

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bastiansalmela: Your screenshot doesn't seem to match the patch. It includes a pane called Node form languages.

However, the patch seems to indicate that the pane would be called: "Node being edited" node form language field

So I think you selected the wrong pane somehow? Even though that title matches what the pane is called in the administrative section.

Based on #8 I'm going to go ahead and commit this.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.