Line 38:

$cell = $data['data'];

Get the error in the title as of php 5.4.3-1 on Arch Linux. Workaround is to hide errors and warnings, though not ideal.



The error pops up on 7.x3.4 too. Line numbers 38 and 43.

Yeah, I got the same error after I installed 7.x-3.4 version and I also use PHP 5.4.3.

I have a same error message as following:
Warning: Illegal string offset 'data' in template_preprocess_calendar_month() (line 38 of E:\drupal\sites\all\modules\contrib\calendar\theme\
Warning: Illegal string offset 'data' in template_preprocess_calendar_month() (line 43 of E:\drupal\sites\all\modules\contrib\calendar\theme\

I added the following code snippet in file calendar\theme\ after line 37,then the error is missing:

    if (!isset($data['data'])) {

Solution #4 worked. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next update so I don't need to remember to hack the module. Thanks.

Thanks for the solution in #4... worked for me as well.

Calendar 7.x-3.4+0-dev (2012-May-20)

Thanks for the solution in #4... worked for me as well.

I went to the dev 7.x-3.x-dev version, updated my date modules, re-saved all my date fields and then update.php and the problem cleared up for me.

Used #4 as well.

Same problem and I guess I'll have to try #4 but shouldn't we get a response from the maintainers seeing as how this has been around for 3 months?

Worked like a charm until the latest Calendar Module update wiped it out. Why wasn't a solution to this May issue incorporated into the September module update?


Still present in latest dev.

Where should we insert this proposed fix in the current version?

Irene Kraus asked:

Where should we insert this proposed fix in the current version?

See this issue thread and, especially, post #3. It worked for me!


#4 worked for me also and I'm using , version = "7.x-3.4" of the Calendar module.

Thank you ,, works with me too.. ;-)

#4 worked only partially for me - it solved the problem with the view pages but broke the block.

I take that back. It works for me.

#4 does the job. Working fine.

Drupal v. 7.19
Calendar Module v. 7.x-3.4

Error still present.

Zamir's fix in post #4 works.


I started to get this error on my localhost testing after cloning a production site where the problem does not occur.

Solution in post #4 worked. Thanks ever so much!

Thanks for the solution in #4. It workes for me.

#4 works for me too

#4 works for me too. Thanks!!!

adding #4 as a patch.

Status:Closed (duplicate)» Needs review

please review #27 patch of #4 solution.

Thank you zamir for the solution (#4)

With this issue now open for over a year, shouldn't this module be changed to unmaintained / minimally maintained?

Status:Needs review» Closed (duplicate)

This still is a duplicate of #1471400: Warning: Illegal string offset 'data' in template_preprocess_calendar_month (PHP 5.4.* and 7.x-3.x-dev) as @pingers tried to say in #21.

To let the maintainers fix issues we the users should help reduce the issue load :-)

#4 thank you

Same issue found with 7.x-3.4
editing as per #4 works great.

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Same issue with 7.x-3.4, updated to the more recent dev branch, same issues after multiple cache flushes. Adding the code snippet per #4 worked, though.

Fix in comment Number 4 still works.