This is still a proof-of-concept type project but here is the feature list for the initial dev release.

About OpenList

OpenList is a platform providing tools for sites that use listings extensively. Listings can include products, cars, homes, classifieds, etc.. Searching is a big part of this platform, and the Search API module will be leveraged throughout the platform.


OpenList Core

This module will contain all other modules that represent 'core' functionality. If/when we have stable release of OpenList, I will move OpenList Core to it's own project (openlist_core) so that it can be downloaded as a package to be used with any site install or distribution.

OpenList Defaults

Includes install profile defaults that aren't "Core" functionality (eg wysiwyg, input formats etc). These settings would not be needed if OpenList Core was used on a separate distribution.
Will include Google Analytics, Google Ads - features that might not be critical the the Core platform.

OpenList Homepage

  • Will come with 3 optional Panel-based homepage layouts to make as compatible as possible with different themes
  • Will have an Amazon-style layout, browse by 'department' featured homepage rotator, ads on the right side, large search box (west-coast style) featured thumb listings at the bottom
  • "Browse" block will be a taxonomy list of the main sections of the site
  • Browse links will link to a directory-style, solr-based drilldown of listings (Amazon/ebay style)
  • Have additional contexts disabled but available with other configurations, we can add a form that will 'switch' homepage contexts to make it easy for administrators to choose a template layout for their homepage
  • See layout idea sketches: Home Layout 1, Home Layout 2, Home Layout 3

OpenList Rotator Banner

  • Modified from OpenChurch, but add title and description
  • This will be featured on the homepage

OpenList Listing

  • Listing content type (abstract)
    • Apps can add fields to the listing
    • Have an image field, title, description, thumb by default
    • Have optional ‘More information’ link that can be a 3rd party link with tracking
  • OpenList Popular Listings view - Includes block and page display
  • OpenList Recent Listings view - Includes block and page display
  • OpenList Featured Listings view - Includes block and page display (This could tie to the 'front page' checkbox?)

OpenList Map Teaser

  • This acts as a ‘decorator pattern’
  • It adds a ‘Map’ view mode to Listing that shows a map
  • Use geo field modules, etc

OpenList Gallery Teaser

  • This acts as a ‘decorator pattern’
  • Adds a ‘Gallery’ view mode to Listing that shows thumbs with lightbox

OpenList Listing Owner

  • For sites where it’s important to showcase the owner of the listing, eg. a broker, a car dealership, a photographer
  • Has fields title, description, images
  • Have a view that pulls all of the listing that belongs to that owner

OpenList Search (Directory)

  • Will leverage Search API + views to create search pages
  • 2 ways to drill down - Search OR clicking on a ‘browse’ link (directory-style)
  • Start with the top of a taxonomy and drill down
  • Will use view modes + Display Suite so that administrators can modify look and feel pretty easily in search results
  • Will be a ‘west-coast’ keyword search with autocomplete, which lets the visitor drill-down via facets
  • West-coast can be more abstract by default as opposed to starting with a search form that has specific fields on it
  • This means you start with a keyword search and then drill-down with additional filters

Base theme

  • Subtheme of a mobile-based theme. Considering Omega Kickstart or something comparable.



Future Features will include User Reviews, Products, Subscribe, Premium, Save Listing, Save Search, Recommendations, Social, and more.


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Any news on this distribution?I am really excited of the possibilities and I want to create some sites with this distribution!thanks

Very excited about this!! Timeframe?


Any news on this one?

This has been held up probably indefinitely for the time being. I haven't had time to get started on it.

That's sad, Ninja :s Keep us up to date though

Well let me think about it and get back to you. I had planned on shelving this indefinitely due to time constraints.

Going to make some updates to my plans. Things have changed since I first thought of this.

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updating notes

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Layout sketches. These would be built in Panels so that they could be compatible with different themes.

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Adding search API

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adding sketch links

It is good to see real signs of life in this project! ;)

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adding links