Prefix and Suffix of number components are printed twice when viewing a submission (s. attached screenshot).


Thanks, I've confirmed this problem. I'll try to handle it next time I'm going through bugs in the queue.

I have the same issue. I corrected the file webform/components/ at line 340. Replace return $value !== '' ? ($prefix . $value . $suffix) : ' '; with return $value !== '' ? $value : ' ';
The prefix and suffix already there in the function '_webform_display_number()''
Hope it helps you.

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I haven't tested this, but I turned #2 into a patch, so that it can be tested, and hopefully integrated! :)

Oops... Just realized that I patched that against 4.x... I'll make one for 3.x as well.

Here's the patch for 3.x

Thanks for the patch, i think we can remove $prefix and $suffix from the function 'theme_webform_display_number' as well.

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Hi guys, based on the textfield component, I think we should adopt the same approach there; otherwise you end up with the prefix/suffix missing in the e-mails. Here's a patch that effectively does the same thing, but only affects the HTML version of the number component. Committed to the 7.x versions.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.