Hi ,I added the Austrian phone number to the module (local here).
How can I send you a patch?
I added the phone.at.inc as file attachment, you also have to update the countries.txt (add line "at => Austria"), and the phone.module (add line "'at' => 'Austria',").

it is a very basic regex, but should work.
Cheers, Christian


Pls. make a patch by following http://drupal.org/node/707484. It is the quickest way of getting your stuff into a drupal module but also best practice.

Isn't this supposed to be against this file here - http://drupalcode.org/project/phone.git/blob/refs/heads/7.x-1.x:/include...

Not sure what phone.at.inc is other than perhaps a typo.

Wrong country :) (Bush jr. also did this) Let's roll this (untested).

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patch file is empty.

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took the include, cleaned some code style only and rolled a proper patch. Also sorts countries so it's easier to find.

>Not sure what phone.at.inc is other than perhaps a typo.

lol. Yeah, austria != australia!

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Turned out the swiss regex break some Austrian numbers. Attached patch fixes that for me and cares for formatting prefixes with different lengths accordingly (4 digit mobile numbers, vs 5 digits others).

Ooobs, posted the wrong patch in #3, I'm such a moron :)

#8 works well for me. Any reviews or other testers?

The valid_at_phone_number function has a comment pointing to a Wikipedia page referenced to Switzerland phone number and not to Austria. It sounded a little bit awkward to me. Does the two countries use the same system? Maybe this document https://www.rtr.at/en/tk/E129 can help clarify.

Anyway, the patch apply and the validation works. If someone confirms it's okay for Austrian validation and format, we can commit the patch.

Not sure if related, but currently cannot add a mobile phone number EG: 0400 123 456, only land line numbers EG: (03) 9123 4567.

Update: 0499 123 456 is rejected but 0409 123 456 is accepted. 0499 xxx xxx is a valid australian mobile number.

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Hi @smilne23 can you add more details to my question in comment number 11? I guess the patch would fix your problem, but I must confirm these questions before commit the patch.

Hmmm, my bad ... misread Austrian as Australian. I'm down under. I'll create a new issue.

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I corrected the link to the Austrian Wikipedia site.