Thanks for this awesome module.

Is it possible to create a private chat with node author, by clicking on user name for example.




Are you referring to normal hyperlinks present on the page? Yes, this is possible but what about the hyperlink default behavior (where it sends you to user profile page)?


Status:Active» Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Thanks for the feedback and you're right, this will conflict with other modules.

May be an integration with Author Pane module or simply a button at node theming level that will add the author to private chat list.

Status:Postponed (maintainer needs more info)» Active

Do you mean a button at node theming level which when clicked will open corresponding chat window with the author? Thanks.

Yes and list of users will be restricted only to users chosen by clicks (not all connected users).

I'm also interested in a link to chat with node author or one that can be added on the profile, ideally with views. The option to disable the chatlist would be good too.

I have put together a patch that enables this feature.

Note that the source code seems to be in a transitional state, with some variables like "buddylist_old" and areas commented out of the dev-code, so I am not 100% sure my implementation went in the right way.

To do this properly I would also alter the dispatching of this new feature at its source, rather than check for an admin-setting on _drupalchat_poll. All that being said though, this ~does~ work just fine now.

The current user is checked to see if they are logged in w/i 5 minutes of your visit. Some jquery is all you need to pop the chat open, and you can limit the chat to only appear on user pages.

Currently my code checks for the user page, as this is the use-case we had to code for. It shouldn't be too hard to see how you can modify this code to work instead on node-author instead of the current page's user id.

No time right now to post the patches, but I will do so some time this week.

i would like test that patch as well could we have a dl link its me a few months since this was updated