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Files available for download can be valuable assets, and as such it can be advantageous to track downloads with in-depth analytics. This can be accomplished by providing a gateway step before file download to ask for an anonymous user's e-mail address and/or other information. Once the anonymous user's response is validated, the file becomes available through a direct download or a link on a secure page.

A number of file management modules implement a solution similar to this, and what follows is a chart comparing them to one another.

Name D7 D6 File Field support Configurable fields Collects e-mail addresses Download link in e-mail Downloadable statistics
Download Count Yes Yes Yes N/A N/A N/A Yes
Email Download Planned Yes No Yes Yes No No
File Download Form Planned Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
FileField Track Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No
Webform Protected Downloads Yes Yes Yes1 Yes Yes Yes2 No
FileField Mail Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Webform Private FIle Gateway Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Planned

1 Available in the Drupal 7 version of the module.
2 No direct download link, but a link to a protected downloads page is available.

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