This issue is to port 6.x version to 7.x version and make it stable.
There are 4 plugin which should be ported.

  • Link
  • Photo
  • Video
  • Slide Share

The Following Issues must be closed

  1. #1578326: Adding video.
  2. #1596540: Error on uploading Slide share Document
  3. #1615174: What's an alternative for swftools module ?

Ideas, Suggesions are welcome.

#11 port-link-plugin-d7-1624812.patch22.77 KBpixelula


I think we can make this as a meta issue to describe release plan for FBSMP.

Title:Port 6.x-1.x to 7.x-1.x and making it stable[META] Plan for FBSMP 7.x-1.x stable release

#1388612: Rules integration is broken is also important, although probably not beta-blocking.

My understanding is that the link and photo plugins basically work right now. We should probably make some kind of alpha or unstable release just so people have something to work from while we are making changes to the development branch.

For a Stable Version of 7.X?
where is it? please.

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Great demo, can't wait for stable release!

Maybe in 2013?

Any update on this?

Hi, while when D8 comes out D6 gets different maintainstatus as I understand, any progress in making this great module for D7 using entities?
Greetings, Martijn


Has this project been abandoned?

new22.77 KB

This is a first attempt to port FBSM link plugin to D7 using media instead of emvideo. At this moment allows attach a video from a Media provider (youtube, vimeo, etc), video attribute are still not configurable. Still needs to much work.


Thats awesome Julian. Thanks for your effort. Will try to test this by tomorrow. In the mean time can you create a new issue and post this patch in it. This is a meta issue.

Not really. If we get continuous contribution from you guys we can get a stable release soon. Currently My focus would be Statuses module, So I can't put more time on this module as of now, however we always welcome contributors like Julian

Thanks Mathankumarc for your answer, I've created the issue Port Link Plugin to D7 using Media and I've updated the patch, to test please use the patch attached to the issue. Tks

Are there any movements on this very interesting module?
Any real plans for a stable release?

Sorry to hijack into this issue, but just want to let you know that there is an alternative to this module: it is Statuses + Scald. It uses Scald rendering system instead of FBSMP rendering system.

Statuses Scald:
Supported providers:

Issue summary:View changes

Making the referenced issues highlighted

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I've been working on this also and thank you to Julián for the patch. I would like to know if anyone wants to collaborate on the D7 version? I will post some more edits soon hopefully by the end of the month.