This issue arises in ctools 8.x as well as 7.x.

When trying to add a panel and ticking the box to force it to be the homepage (D7 link: admin/structure/pages/add) there is text that links the user to the site information page. This text points to the D6 site information page.

Patch attached works for both 8.x and 7.x installs and points to the correct site information page link for those Drupal versions.

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incorrect-site-information-link-in-page-manager.patch1.18 KBtyphonius
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This patch doesn't apply on current 7x-1.x-dev version.
Issue has alsou wrong status (IMHO it should be "needs review" or something like this).

But reported issue is true. At current branch, we still have D6 style paths: admin/settings/site-information.

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Actually... that patch still applies to latest ctools 7.x.


Status:Needs work» Needs review

My fault, sorry for misinformation ;).
I checked it again and you are absolutely right. Patch applies cleanly.

I think that I accidentally tried to apply this on wrong branch.
Good reason not to verify things when tired :)