For some reason, my site will show 0 anonymous users and 2-3 may be in Forum statistics section. We get 10,000+ uniques per day and sometimes up to 500 concurrent users so not sure why this is showing very small numbers.

Any known issues?

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AF doesn't count online visitors count.

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This was probably not a very helpful resolution. Can you please explain more?

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Please try attached patch.

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Above patch committed do 7.x.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

Thanks - #3 fixed the issue.

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Not fixed to date.

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Have you read #4?

AF reads "session" table to count guest/anonymous users. It is not AF problem when Drupal core doesn't populate that table.
Try to use workaround from #4.

I tried number 4 and it doesn't work, shouldn't this be "wont fix".

Calculating and displaying guest count on forum page has been removed. Changes just committed to 7.x-2.x-dev.

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#3 Doesn't fix the issue because use DISTINCT and then only want to show uid 0, only 1 record will be shown.

I did a bit fix to this.

I think this should be "won't fix" since they removed the functionality.

I would like to ask, please, don't remove this functionality, with my patch and #4 is working on stable branch.

Well this was a very nice feature, instead of removing it you could have made it optional and add a setting from the admin panel, of course warning the user that the it is not totally accurate. Just my 2c. Thanks for all the work though.