I can't disable the breadcrumb. Using CC theme in a fresh D7 (minimal) installation, I had successfully disabled the breadcrumb. Then I had to re-install D7 with "standard" profile, re-enable CC theme, and redo the settings. Now, nothing I do will stop the breadcrumb from showing. When I go to settings, the checkbox for "Show breadcrumb" is UNCHECKED, but "HOME" is prominently displayed just under the header info (logo, site name, and slogan).

I've tried disabling the theme, copying the theme folder out of Drupal, flushing ALL caches... even deleted all references I could find in the cache and variable tables, then copying it back in and re-enabling it again - all to no avail.


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Hello ExTexan,
did you manage to resolve this issue? I cannot reproduce it in any way.


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This is old, cleaning and closing.

If it is still the case, and still want to reopen, just change the issue status.